Meet Dr. Eileen! She is a young and ambitious Chiropractor who was born and raised in Glendale, CA where she currently practices. Dr. Eileen attended University of California San Diego for her undergraduate, where she attained her B.A. degree in Psychology. Taking no time off, Dr. Eileen followed her passion knowing exactly what professional career she wanted to pursue. She continued her education and graduated from Los Angeles Chiropractic College where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. She then specialized in  a specific Upper Cervical technique, and is a certified QSM3 doctor, she is also Webster technique certified through the ICPA, and a BIRTHFIT Regional Director. 

Dr. Eileen was inspired at a young age to pursue Chiropractic after personally experiencing the amazing benefits and impact it had on her life. Throughout  her high school and college years Dr. Eileen was always involved in sports. She was a member of a non-profit youth organization, and attended club and social events at school, all while continuing to stay focused on academia. When Dr. Eileen was fifteen years old, she developed excruciating jaw pain that was later diagnosed as TMJ dysfunction. After years of dealing with the discomfort, her TMJ dysfunction started to negatively impact simple daily tasks such as eating certain foods and sleeping through the night. Her TMJ dysfunction eventually caused severe headaches as well, which became more and more frequent. After seeing several dentists and specialists she was given several types of mouth guards to help prevent further damage to her temporomandibular joint as well as her teeth. Unfortunately, the mouth guards and treatments were all uncomfortable and her TMJ pain was persistent and continued to affect her quality of sleep, and life in general.

Her last resort was to see an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. After years of putting up with the pain, it took just a couple visits to the chiropractor for Dr. Eileen to notice a tremendous difference, not only in her jaw, but in other aspects of her health as well. The headaches were gone and she was able to bite into an apple again without pain or uncomfortable clicking and popping of the jaw. Witnessing the amazing benefits of chiropractic first hand, she knew this was the right path for her. Dr. Eileen worked hard and decided to chase her dream of helping others regain their health through Chiropractic!